Free Toxic Screening

Toxicity gets a lot of attention in the alternative health care world for good reason –  toxicity is the cause of many of the problems people seek help for. If you, or someone you know, has not been feeling at their best for a period of time, then I invite you to come in for a free toxic screening evaluation.

The symptoms of someone who is suffering from toxicity include the following:

Digestion:Nausea,constipation, bloated feeling, gas, heartburn
Emotions: Mood swings, anxiety,anger, depression, apathy
Energy/activity: Fatigue, hyperactivity, restlessness, insomnia,
Head: Headache, faintness, dizziness, pressure
Lungs: Chest congestion,asthma, bronchitis, difficulty breathing
Mind: poor memory, confusion, poor concentration, poor coordination, learning disabilities
Mouth/throat: coughing, gagging, need to clear throat, canker sore
Nose: Stuffy nose, sinus problems, allergies, excess mucous
Skin: Acne, hives,rashes, dry skin, hair loss,
Heart: Skipped or rapid heartbeats,
Joint/muscle: Joint pain, stiffness, recurrent back pain
weight; Binge eating/drinking, craving certain foods, excessive weight, compulsive eating, water retention, underweight
Other: frequently ill, leaky bladder, genital itch and discharge

Toxicity is when a substance or mixture of substances causes harmful effects over a length of time. In general, all substances are toxic or poisonous; however, at normal levels, these substances are considered allowable or safe. Hence, toxicity is the level above the allowable limit. For instance, salt, if taken at normal levels, is safe, but if consumed at excessive amounts, salt may damage your kidneys and other organs.

In the alternative health world, we divide toxicity into several categories as follows:

1.    Environmental poisons held in the body.
2.    Food sensitivities.
3.    Parasites in the digestive tract
4.    Prior emotional traumas still unresolved and stored in the body.
5.    Chronic physical pain patterns held in the body.

For example: While it is certain that for some people gluten, dairy, and sugar do cause digestive stress, not all digestive problems are caused by eating these foods. One common scenario I run into every week is the number of people, mostly women, who are on highly restricted diets because they have been told they are “allergic” to various foods.  They come into the office with a list of what they can eat (sometimes they are left with only 4 or 5 foods) and go on to tell me that while they initially felt better when they stopped eating the offending food, many of their complaints are still occurring. If sensitivity to food was the problem they should feel consistently much better.

Another example is the person that has been told they have “parasites”. Again this is often true as a person can have parasites that are foreign to the body like pinworms or they can have a major imbalance in the normal bacteria found in the gut. But if after a long and complicated “detox” you are not feeling better, it is definately worth looking for another answer.

Add to that various types of radio waves and radiation, a society where people are more isolated from one another and more inundated with electronics and you start to see how important it is to really evaluate each individual and not just jump to the same old simplistic solutions.

We live in a very different world than 40 years ago. We are exposed to thousands of chemicals many of which the body has no natural way to eliminate, so a different approach to detoxifying is needed. It is very important to systematically determine if the problem stems from toxicity or if it comes from another cause. If it is from an external toxin, a program needs to be designed that alleviates that burden with the least possible disruption to daily living possible. Equally important is that after the cleansing phase a period of rebuilding is provided. Often people that were told they were allergic to specific foods can return to those foods after other systems, like the intestinal wall, liver and kidney, are properly rebuilt with correcting nutrients.

If any of this sounds familiar to you because you or someone you know is not feeling their best, please let them know about the Chadwell Method. By using a variety of screening tools and tests we can work to systematically pin point the specific cause, develop a personalized program, and help you avoid unnecessary therapies that limit your food options, overload your body with “natural” anti-parasitics, or force you into long term deprivations that are not needed.

If interested call us today to set up your free toxicity screening session which will take about 20 minutes to complete and is completely non invasive.



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