Thank you for your enrollment to the CST Workshop.

Please fill out the form below. Thank you!

1. I agree to allow the video recording and photography of myself to be used for marketing and further education training.

2. I understand it is my responsibility to research all applicable laws as they relate to my use of Cranial Sacral Therapy on other people. No licence to treat is provided or implied in this certification training.

3. I acknowledged it is my responsibility to make up for all missed classes.This may involve any or all of the following: review of notes, watching videos (if available), booking private time (at additional cost) with Anthony to learn specific hand­holds
and other information.
4. I Understand it is my sole responsibility to use cranial sacral therapy in an ethical and safe manner. I agree to hold harmless: Anthony Chadwell, Chadwell MethodTM, Chadwell Center for Health and G2G Health Systems Inc. for any and all damages and/or
liability arising from my use of Cranial Sacral Therapy.
5. There are no refunds for tuition paid.
Required materials:

Massage table with arm rest.
A quality Anatomy book i.e Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy or Thieme Atlas of Anatomy
Suggested materials: :
A model skull for study
Bolsters, pillows or blankets you may find necessary for your comfort in the class.