Cranial Sacral Therapy in Solana Beach

Cranial sacral therapy is a gentle yet powerful way to access the central nervous system through the bones of the head or other parts of the body. By using a very precise and extremely gentle hand contact and working in cooperation with the various “layers” and “rhythms” inherent to the body the central nervous system, which controls all of the functions of the body, can be improved and normalized.

The Chadwell Method encompasses the entire range of treatment styles and philosophies available in this field and focuses treatment exactly where the most improvement will be made. Everyone can benefit from this type of treatment. Many clients report feeling a deep sense of relaxation or bliss when the session is completed.

The human body is self-correcting and desires to be as healthy as it possible can be at any moment. This therapy takes the “blocks” away and allows the body to rise to a new level of health.

Cranial Sacral Therapy in Solana Beach



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