Start the year with a Juice Cleanse

Our bodies are constantly in a state of healing, mostly without us even being aware of it. If for example, you have a cold, then our white blood cells are doing their best to fight it; if you scratch your skin, then your body will immediately start to heal the wound. But the most complex job our bodies have to do is to digest food. It is so complex that our body’s process of healing actually pauses while food is digested. So a great way to cleanse the body is to go on a juice cleanse, especially after the excesses of the holiday season.

We just finished a seven day juice cleanse (with the exception of a few snacks on New Years Eve). All we used was 64 ounces of freshly made vegetable juice every day and some rice and fruit when we really needed to “eat” something and lots of pure water. I know many of you have used my 10 day detox kit when it was time for a more aggressive realignment and I still recommend that because it is easy, and really works but if you are new to the idea of cleansing, the juice cleanse is a great way to start.

I have to admit the afternoon of the 3rd day was bit tough, like having a light flu for 6 hours, while the body was busy detoxing and rebalancing my blood sugar. However after that I felt great for the next 4 days and still do! It is amazing to me how little food we actually need and while I have returned to regular eating, I am content with much less food, and the 5 pounds I lost during the juice cleanse have stayed off.

You will benefit from a detox-cleanse in many ways
1. You will eliminate the extra waste stored in your digestive track. You can expect from 1 to 5 pounds of partially digested food to leave the body.
2. Your breath will smell better. Your breath is an indicator of the condition of your digestive system. Bad breath comes from a digestive system that is full of the putrified foods because the body is unable to digest the quantity of food eaten.
3. Skin will shine. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and a major path of elimination. Initially you may get some bumps and rashes but after a few days when most toxins have left the body the skin gets a chance to breath. It gets softer and clearer. Your eyes react the same way!
4. Calmer and more peaceful thoughts. Toxicity, from any source, is a poison to the body and leads to confusion and moodiness. By clearing the junk out of your system you will feel better, think more clearly, and sleep more soundly.
5. Muscle soreness will diminish. As always the benefit comes after the body has had a chance to clear toxicity out of the blood steam. Areas of chronic tension and tenderness have a change to relax. Joints that have chronic inflammation often get the opportunity to resolve the ongoing cycle of discomfort so you feel better physically.
6. Your energy will go through the roof!

The list goes on and on. People have fasted and cleansed throughout history so this is nothing new. As always if you have any questions, check with your health professional prior to starting a cleanse. Then just get started. You do not need to do everything perfectly just remember, any effort to make your body more healthful is always rewarded. If I can be of any assistance please let me know.


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