Postpartum Depression

Did you know that many of the common health symptoms listed below, as well as full blown Postpartum issues may be helped with a Holistic approach and Craniosacral Therapy (CST)?

Postpartum Depression
• Loss of appetite
• Insomnia
• Intense irritability and anger
• Overwhelming fatigue
• Loss of interest in sex
• Lack of joy in life
• Feelings of shame, guilt or inadequacy
• Severe mood swings

Holistic solutions may include:
• Treating coccyx (tailbone) to reduce pain and swelling in pelvis and back*
• Craniaosacral therapy to balance the nervous system
• Detoxifying the body to reduce excess hormones
• Supporting the digestive system- up to 80% of neurotransmitters may be formed in the gut!
• Safe environment to express feeling

* Closer look at Coccydynia 
Coccydynia (tailbone pain) is a common problem after delivery, both normal and c-section. The hormones in the body at the time of delivery help relax the ligaments that hold the bones together. During the delivery process the bones may become misaligned. If this happens the nervous system becomes irritated and eventually exhausted.
If you combine this stress with all of the other emotional and hormonal changes going on  you start to see why mood can be so severely affected.

When in doubt always seek medical attention. Then contact us to see if Craniosacral Therapy and a holistic approach can be useful in your situation!


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