Celebrate the holiday period healthily.

Every January I have a flood of people that come into the office wanting to “get back on track” with eating and exercise. They are exhausted and feel either ill or at best “sluggish”. My advice to you – don’t start your new year that way! The after effects of over indulgence and tiredness put an enormous strain on the body and nervous system as a whole. So here’s the alternative – stay in balance over the holiday period! Perhaps easier said than done but here are some pointers:

• Eat little and often – rather than eating too much at every occasion. Excess calories are going to be converted to fat and stored in the body as well……FAT. Excess body fat puts a strain on every system in the body including your self esteem.
• When cooking or eating out, choose the healthiest dishes possible. Healthy food does not have to be boring. Eating the wrong types of food for your constitutional type can create havoc in your digestive track with resulting problems from skin rashes to feeling depressed.
• Alcohol and desserts and be grouped together as they both are best enjoyed in small quantities. Unless you know you have a problem with alcohol or the concentrated sugar in dessert, then having some during the holiday can add to the pleasure of a party. However, too much can change blood sugar levels dramatically and lead to low blood pressure, headache, and mood swings. One way to get around the problem is to focus on quality not quantity. One or two glasses of your favourite adult beverage or one piece of a delicious dessert is probably enough. Anymore and the chance for trouble – not to mention extra weight- increases tremendously.
• Talking about exercise-don’t stop doing it. The few actual days that are “the holidays” are not a good reason to stop exercising for 3 months! In fact it is more important to maintain a vigorous exercise program during this period to reduce stress. Make an exercise plan now specifically for the holidays and stick to it. You will arrive in January feeling 100% better than if you stop!
• One last thing……DON’T OVER SPEND. Buy gifts that show your love not how much money you have in the bank-or more often on your credit card. Foolish spending and debt is a real stressor. Spend time with people you love doing healthy and soul inspiring activities whenever possible.

The holiday season is a favorite time of year and is looked forward to by almost everyone so stay aware and make healthy decisions. If you find your “off the path” at anytime during the next few months, come in for a quick re-balance. Supplements are available to do an easy 3 day detox or to minimize food sensitivities and allergies. Always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.



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